What’s in store video

It’s taken a little time to write this blog, back in April when we shot the video the business was busy ramping up for the summer and we haven’t stopped since! So bar sharing on social media, we never really went behind the scenes or told you about the video.

We have had several videos done before which can all be found here: https://www.youtube.com/user/beverleyedmondson. But I really wanted to do one that showed you the customer what to expect when you come through the doors at Beverley Edmondson Millinery.

Now I’m not a natural in front of the camera, but I do understand the importance of being the face of the brand and allowing people  to really get a feel for me and how we work before they even walk through the doors. So it was best foot forward to bring this video to you.

On a really, really rainy bank holiday in April, having done my hair and makeup before I left home; there I was outside trying to clean all the windows  of my millinery hat shop in Farnham, surrey, which had been spectacularly covered in mud and splatters from a few days of heavy rain…..one of the not so good things about having quite so many full length windows only a meter away from a busy road! An hour later I had done as much as I could do (baring in mind the rain and traffic was relentless) I came back inside to find spending time on my hair before hand had been a waste of time,  just as Toby and tom from Silent Key films https://www.silentkeyfilms.com/ arrived.

Time was tight and filming had to start straight away!

The Team

Myself, Toby and Tom were keen to capture the essence of the in-store experience, all our workspaces, how the hats are made and the customer journey, for this we needed customers, so I’d called on a few clients who I knew were in need of new millinery, for events from investitures and weddings to Royal ascot  to come in to help us film.

Essentially all I had to do was do my job and what I do every day, welcome clients, take them and their outfits through to the fitting room, discuss there needs, try on styles, and go through colour charts; luckily this to me this part is is just second nature now and Tom and Toby were really good at making myself and my clients feel comfortable around the cameras, so we could get on and choose some fabulous hats without being self-conscious of the cameras.

We then filmed some clips of myself working in the studio, to give a little taster of what goes on behind the scenes and how your hat comes together.

Later on then came the part where I had to talk to camera……somehow as soon as I talk straight at a camera I forget what I wanted to say, trail off mid-sentence and generally look hugely uncomfortable, but as you will see in the final edit, the boys did a great job at pulling together the content, from what I am sure was very little useable content!


I forgot to say many things, including one of the most important things I wanted to get across in the video, that it is really important to book an appointment (which you can do by phoning or emailing us on 01252715039 / info@beverleyedmondson.co.uk) so please do book an appointment! Its not essential but it does guarantee the fitting room to try on whole outfits together and also 1-2-1 time with myself or a team member (trust me the process is always longer and  than you think it will be) so it really does also help you out, or we could be busy with other clients and the changing room may not be available. With a no obligation to purchase in an appointment, it just ensures that you have the best experience and dedicated attention with us.

For bespoke millinery we ask for a 6-week lead time, but always have over 300 hats, hatinators and fascinators in stock at any one time, if you are short on time. Appointments are welcome for off the shelf purchases as well as for bespoke orders.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the film and it shows you a little more about us and what we do and what to expect when you come and visit us at our millinery boutique. Or if you can’t make it in store, please consider our skype consultation services instead for worldwide services.

The Video