Aynhoe Park Quirky and Luxurious Style Shoot

Late last year the ever so talented Emma-Jane Lewis, who does a lot of our photography for us called us up and asked to borrow some feathered headpieces for an upcoming styled shoot that she and Valentina, a wedding planner from the stars inside were planning. With such a dream team in the line up including Handcrafted films Continue reading “Aynhoe Park Quirky and Luxurious Style Shoot”

Art School Inspired Photoshoot

In a bid to break out of the pastel rustic vintage wedding, a group of London wedding suppliers banded together to create this colourful art school inspired styled wedding shoot! The brighter the better and the more clashing tones just make it even better. The location was at the incredible anthologist, an amazing quirky and buzzing bar and private events venue right in the middle of the City of London on a glorious hot Saturday in May the streets were deserted except for us wedding lot and out brightly coloured antics!

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Spring Summer 2015 Signature Collection


Starting the new year bright and early and as we mean to go on, on the 2nd January, we did our first photo-shoot of the year, our ss15 signature collection, a few studio shots and a new dreaded headshot for me!

This capsule collection showcases haute-couture millinery skills, stylish, elegant but avant-garde handmade head pieces for spring. some sexy, some serious, some dramatic, some, well…..just for a bit of fun!

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