Summer hat trends 2013 : What will you wear at Ascot?





What are the trends for hats in summer 2013?

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Fashion has taken a turn and progressed from the seemingly never-ending fashion phase of wearing nude colour, and here at Beverley Edmondson we’re delighted to say that things are returning to the realm of multiple beautiful colours!

Hat selection:
When it comes to hat selection, we’ve always advised blondes and those with sallow skin that nude coloured fascinators and hats do absolutely nothing for their complexion, so rather steered them in the direction of bold colours that accentuate their natural hair and skin tone positively.
This year Ascot has advised that fascinators do not form part of the dress code for the Royal Enclosure, instead we’ve found that this year’s preference tends to lean towards the much larger hats.
As a bespoke millinery, this announcement fills us with delight as it provides huge scope for Beverley Edmondson hat creativity and gives each woman at Ascot a more pronounced image that encapsulates glamour, mystique and femininity. Thinking of Audrey Hepburn, Joan Collins and Sophia Loren – these beautiful women knew how to wear a hat (and in the case of Joan and Sophia, still do!) in order to give their outfit a particular theme with glamorous appeal.

So, you might ask, what colours are in vogue this summer? 
We’ve found there to be two camps of colour this summer.  The first favours monochrome, and who can blame those opting for this colour preference. Effortlessly chic, absolutely timeless and undoubtedly sophisticated, a large monochrome hat not only looks expensive, but will perfectly match a beautifully tailored outfit therefore guaranteeing you feel a million dollars for the occasion.

The second camp of colour this summer has chosen to dive into cool colour’s, with a collection of aquas, mints, peacock blues, greens and royals taking centre stage on the textile playground.  Personally, we absolutely love this year’s sage green and Beverley Edmondson herself is furiously working on a creation of her own (granted she gets the time) in sage green to wear at Ascot this year.

If you’ve chosen monochrome, you’ll have little problem in finding shoes to match.  However, don’t panic if you’re wondering how to accessorise with an outlandish, more colour-bound hat choice.  We’re one of the few milliners in the country that stock a range of shoes that, on request, can be dyed to order to match any of our hat and fascinator collection. To find out more about this service contact us below:

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Style tip from Beverley Edmondson:
“Remember, if you’re opting for colourful accessories, keep the dress itself stylishly simple.”

For any queries on the above please call (0) 1252715039 or ask in store.  Beverley Edmondson is a leading bespoke hat designer based in the Georgian town of Farnham, Surrey. Her fashion hat millinery boutique caters to a wide variety of clientele for various occasions such as Mother of the bride, photoshoots, The Grand national etc. For all your hatinator needs contact Beverley Edmondson today and let us find the right hat for you!