Royal Ascot 2018

We love Royal Ascot and the fun that it brings! After the excitement of the Royal Wedding hats were very much in people’s mind earlier in the season this year and we knew we would be on for a fun filled Ascot season. Ascot time as most milliners call it is what we live and breathe for in the UK, it’s the same as Christmas for most other product-based businesses. My life certainly revolves around Ascot and the summer season within the Beverley Edmonson workroom and shop.

Royal Ascot is a time of year where people are out looking for hats and headwear of all varieties; from the simple and classic to the outrageous and outlandish, anything goes. We have everyone from nervous and first-time hat wearers wanting to feel comfortable to confident hat wearers looking to make a statement.

Our top tips for choosing an Ascot hat:

  1. Make sure whatever you choose you feel comfortable
  2. Try styles that you had never considered, you may be surprised at what suits you and a milliners studio is the best place to try this out
  3. You can never be over the top at Royal Ascot
  4. Make sure you know how to wear your hat, a great hat can look bad if worn incorrectly -practice putting your hat on before the day or double check with your milliner and ask them to take a photo of you wearing the piece correctly so you can reference it later and share with your hairdresser if you are having your hair done. Check out our video to help you here.
  5. Big isn’t always best, small pieces with the right outfit can also make a very powerful statement
  6. Have fun! Royal Ascot is a chance to express yourself in an outfit complete with a special piece.
  7. Take your outfit with you when choosing a hat, not only is it impossible to hold colour in your mind different style hats will suit different styles of outfits.

Here are a few images and words from some of our clients this year: