Rainbow Club Dyeable Accessories

Have you ever found yourself the perfect outfit for your upcoming event, and then when it comes to matching colours for your accessories been completely at a loss in terms of finding the colour on the high street!? If the answer is yes, we might have the answer with our Rainbow Club shoes, bags and shoe clips! These beautiful satin shoes come in so many shapes, heel heights and sizes – even half sizes!

lucy-pale-grey-rainbow-clubcelina-Grey-Rainbow-club  Selena-shoeclip-rainbow-club

The biggest bonus about this collection is that they can be dyed to ANY colour. You can either choose from the swatch book we have in the shop or you can send a swatch of fabric, cotton reel etc. off for them to match.

With such a range of different styles available, you are bound to find something you like and to finish off your outfit. What makes them even better is that they are known for their comfort. Being a company that specialises in shoes for special occasions, such as weddings, they understand that you are going to be on your feet in them for a good few hours and have made their shoes with this in mind with plenty of padding for comfort.


Vivian-copper-Rainbow-club serafina-ivory-rainbow-club Penny-Gold-Rainbow-Club

We have a good selection of the styles in store in a variety of sizes for you to try on, and we can also order other styles and sizes in for you to try before they are dyed. In that case all we ask for is a £10 deposit to cover postage etc. We tend to be able to order in a shoe to try within a week. This £10 then come off of the price when you order. You are not tied to that particular style, if you wish to swap to another style, that perfectly fine.

Once you have settled on the style and size of shoe, we can focus on the colour. Either by choosing from the swatch book or sending something off for them to match. With a fabric swatch this has to be a minimum of 2 square inches. Their standard dyeing service takes 10 working days. They also offer an express service, within 5 working days, for an extra cost of £25.

Prices range from around:

Shoes – £94 – £130

Bags – £67 – £87

Shoe clips are £25 – £50 a pair

These prices include the dyeing and postage, so if its ivory shoes you are after, that will be cheaper.

So if your struggling to find the perfect shoes for your summer outfits, pop in and see us (with your dress!) and we will help you find the perfect match.


Vela-shoie-clip-ivory-rainbow-club Lisette-ivory-rainbow-club


Charlotte x