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Planning Your Wedding Outfit In A Pandemic

It can be difficult in the best of times to plan an outfit for any special occasion, such as a wedding or styling as mother of the bride, but in a pandemic (thanks covid-19), it’s even harder. So many questions, with very few answers. So here is our short guide on planning your wedding outfit in a pandemic.

Whilst we can’t promise your event will go ahead as planned (although we have all our fingers and toes crossed for you) What we can do is to help you with your outfit planning during a pandemic.

If you have any of the following questions and more, please read on:

‘Will the event even happen on the date it is planned on (or re planned on)?’

‘How do I choose an outfit online if I can’t visit stores in person?’

‘How do I choose an outfit when I don’t even know what season it may fall in?’

Whilst getting ready on the morning of any special occasion especially if you are mother of the bride we experience the flutters of excitement, for the day ahead, just because coronavirus has stopped plans in their tracks, it doesn’t mean that the day itself wont be as special as it was going to be.

Whilst your wedding or family and friends weddings may have been postponed of cancelled in the last year with still nothing clearer on when exactly we may be able to get back and celebrate together with our loved ones it doesn’t mean that the search for your outfit or quest  gather ideas needs to stop.

We all understand it may be hard to muster the excitement that dress shopping with your daughter if you are mother of the bride or with friends should be whilst we are all stuck at home, however maybe you are in a position that the wedding could suddenly happen once restrictions are lifted and you need to be ready.

One of the big issues of all of these postponements is the change in seasons. What may have originally been a spring wedding, may now become an autumn or winter wedding or visa versa.

How to deal with different seasons when planing your outfit.

Maybe you already have an outfit for a wedding that hasn’t been able to go ahead on its planned date, or maybe you have no idea if a spring wedding will take place and you might have to wait until autumn.

There are so many ways of making any outfit work for any season because of a postponed wedding, whether a wedding guest of mother of the bride or groom you don’t necessarily need to change the whole outfit if you already have one and  love it. And if you haven’t purchased yet, there are so many outfits out there that will easily transition between different seasons, we think that it’s so important, especially now, more than ever to bear in mind how you could style an outfit for different seasons when you are looking at purchasing (jut in case).

For example;

-Sleeves, can you add or remove sleeves to your outfit for summer / winter?

-Coats and Jackets – can you remove or add a coat or jacket, or long textured fancy cardigan?

-Accessories – Introduce lighter or heavier accessories depending on the season you now need the outfit to work in, such as fur collars or cuffs, or chiffon wraps for summer. Felt, velvet or faux fur textures have a fantastic way of bring in warmth to an outfit, and crepes, chiffons and straw has a great way of adding lightness to an outfit.

– Colours – To keep a look summery accessorising with light colours always works, but think about going darker or warmer tones, or for winter to summer, add lighter brighter tones.

  • In terms of what we can offer you to help with seasonal planning:
  • Free bespoke tailored 1-2-1 advice based on your preferences, existing pieces, skin tone and season, offering suggestions and thinking outside of the box, taking into consideration your whole look, not just the hat.
  • We have a full selection of hats, fascinators and hatinators for everyone from mother of the bride to wedding guests, in different colours and textures either from our stock, or that can be designed and made to order for you. We will guide you through step by step, for the right, shape, style, colours and textures.
  • Rainbow club shoes that can be dyed to any colour (choose your shoe and then dye to the relevant colour once you know when the event will go ahead)
  • Faux fur accessories that can be bespoke designed and made for you in over 100 different faux furs.
  • Scarves, wraps, clutch bags to finish any look (or recommendations or where else to look and what to look out for.)
  • what you see on our website only needs to be for ideas, we can create, source and design most items to suit your needs.

‘How do I choose an outfit online if I can’t visit stores in person?’

Shop independent where possible, seek out smaller designers and local businesses. Any business that offers occasion wear has had an incredibly tough year with no events going ahead due to covid-19, so your support now will mean the world to them. You may not be able to visit in person right now, but we are all adapting quickly and most will offer virtual online consultations, free local home delivery for you to try or click and collect.

You will receive a tailored service above and beyond buying blind from a department store, bespoke advice and understanding of you and your needs will be taken into account in any virtual consultation, meaning you don’t end up buying and trying things that are never going to be right, small business understand their products and you get the benefit of all of their years of very specific expertise one on one for no charge. (Not only that, virtual consultations are fun and you can add your friends or family to any zoom consultations as well for their input)

Get in touch  with them and book a virtual consultation.

What we can offer:

  • Virtual consultations.
  • Experiment with different colour mixes, shapes and designs at no charge virtually.
  • Get all of our 1-2-1 advice about all aspects of your outfit.
  • See piece from all angles and narrow down choices.
  • If you are local we can bring a selection to you after a virtual consultation to try on whilst we wait in the car.
  • if you are not local you can then purchase online and we can send them out for you to try.
  • Once lockdown is lifted, make an appointment to visit us in person

Whilst we appreciate being in person when dealing with wearable items, colours and textures is an important element, through discussion and virtual tours it is amazing how much information you can gather, to help with focusing you and recommending places to look instead of endless scrolling of websites when you may not even be sure what you are looking for or where to get it from.

For expert styling ideas for wedding outfits is a wonderful styling resource

‘But it’s only going to be a small wedding now, do I need to go all out on my outfit?’

So the size of the wedding may have changed, maybe it is now only a small wedding with immediate family, so maybe you are thinking it is worth going all out on the outfit?

Ultimately this is your decision, however which ever way you look at it, if you are still invited to the day when the numbers are small, you are obviously a very important guest (VIP) at the event.

You have to remember that it is still someones wedding day (the biggest day of their lives), and probably not the one originally planned with lots of tears and upset in between.

So for us we think its really important to go out and make as much effort as possible, to make the day as special as possible for the bride and groom, it is still a once in a lifetime event, there may be a wedding party to follow, but the actual wedding only happens once. Don’t let it go past without the pomp and ceremony that they deserve.

The photographs from the wedding will be around forever, they will become the memories of the marriage, wouldn’t it be nice to look back at those photos and think, i’m glad I made the effort rather than feeling you didn’t put enough into it just because it was small? To the Bride and Groom it is still their wedding day, so treat it as you would if you were able to do the whole shebang as you would have before the pandemic.

Big or small a wedding is still a wedding, if you want to wear a massive hat , because lets face it in normal times their already aren’t enough opportunities to wear a hat or a great piece of millinery, let alone in Coronavirus times, go for it, embrace it and celebrate in any way that you can.

(P.S. The feedback from all the small weddings we have created millinery for over the past year, has been that the day was perfect and that they couldn’t imagine the day happening any other way.)

Just go for it!

Short notice? ‘We didn’t know when the wedding was going to be, now its next week!’ How can you help?

Jump on a virtual consultation with us as soon as you can, or if we can open at that time (lockdown depending), let us welcome you in.

Book an appointment to visit, bring as much as the outfit that you already have to the consultation (online or in person).

We have over 500 pieces of millinery in stock, at any one time, all of which can be purchased immediately, or that we can undertake alterations on to make items perfect in the timescales given.

We will always do what we can in the timescale, If we need to make from scratch in our onsite studio and we can, we will (material and time restrictions aside).

We always have a full selection of clutch bags, accessories and wraps to finish the look.

If you aren’t local, you can book an online consultation first, or order straight from our website, we aim to dispatch within 48 hours of all orders being places, however if you need anything sooner, most of the time we will be able to accommodate, so just let us know if anything is urgent.


In these unprecedented times we have the flexibility to be able to adapt, just ask us for what you need.

Hopefully we have been able to allay some of your worries about planning your wedding outfit in a pandemic, if you are feeling stuck and lost we can help you and offer advice of where to go to look for outfits or how to tie in any accessories just ask.

Why not also check out our blog about choosing your outfit, how to select the right styles and cuts and colours from you, and some of our recommendations of where to go to look for outfits here:

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Beverley, Ali, Kate and Jayne x