Introducing our First Casual Winter Hat Collection

We are so excited to bring to you our first winter hat casual collection.

From years of research and product knowledge in to what hats sell and why, this year we decided to embark on creating our first collection of winter hats in house. We hope we have created pieces that work for everyone, from classic colours to bright and bold, warm and cosy yet practical, perfect for any winter occasions.

Winter hats have to perform a function but that doesn’t mean style has to be compromised.

We have created  4 different styles all available in multiple colours, and the collection  is functional, practical and stylish, from warm wools to waxed cotton, boiled wool naturally warm and waxed cotton for a water resistant finish, all lined with a super soft fleece, we’ve got you covered for cooler days and winter walks as well as rainy days.

The collection has been a whole team effort. I designed the pieces and oversaw all the toiles, selected the fabrics, tweaked the designs and now i’m on the case with marketing. with Kate cleverly making all the patterns from my designs, testing them and now busy busy making them alongside our freelancer Emma, who are now in full blown production mode. Ali and Jayne took on all of Kates usual jobs and many of mine in order for us to focus on getting the pieces ready for you.

When it came to displaying and photographing the collection it felt right to include the team on the shoot, after all we were all involved and they are a labour of love from all of us. We wanted to tell a story about us as a team but also how the hats reflect us in our daily lives, we all enjoy the outdoors and our love of dogs, we are the client for these hats, we spend our time outside of work walking our dogs and these hats really are what we would wear, as well as knowing how popular these sorts of hats our with our customers.

The hats have also been named after our dogs,:

The Walt  – Named after my Labrador who spends his days at the studio with us, who many of you will have met if your have visited us.

A wide brimmed waxed cotton water resistant hat with twisted hat band available in 3 colours – £85

The Willow – Named after Ali’s Beagle Puppy

A small foldable waterproof hat with Shape-able brim, available in 9 colourways – £69

The Jerry – Named after Kates  dog who is sadly no longer with us, but still remembered and loved

A small ribbed banded boiled wool hat with simple twist detailing, available in 5 colours £50

The Huxley – Named after Our friend and photographers Vizsla

A  boiled wool hat with brim band with gather and abstract style flower trim, available in 7 colours £50

Of course they always say never work with children or animals, and we can certainly attest that getting all the dogs doing what they were meant to was quite a challenge….in the end Walt just gave up and refused even the tastiest of treats as a bribe to perform!

We hope that you enjoy our new collection, you can see our full look book of styles and colours here Casual Collection Autun Winter 2021 look book (apart form the Jerry hat in red which somehow got missed off the photography list)

All Items are now available to purchase from our showroom or online

All of the gloves and scarves shown are also available to purchase through us.

We hope you love out new collection as much as we do and hope you see lots to add to your Christmas present gift list!

Keep warm cosy and dry this winter

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