hat trivia quiz

Hat Trivia Quiz

With the world in lock down due to the Coronavirus pandemic, and us all stuck at home preventing the spread, I thought it may be fun to put together a fun hat quiz featuring all sorts of hat based trivia!

I’d love to know how you get on with the quiz and what your scores are! So do get in touch and let us know if you do play!

The world of hats is rich in history and etiquette, hats are far reaching across the world, from fashion to function, hats cover such a broad spectrum, so I hope this quiz will provide some interesting little know facts and expand your hatting knowledge!


1)What made the Mad Hatter mad?

2)What is the minimum size requirement in cm for ladies’ hats to be to wear in the royal enclosure at Royal Ascot?

3)Which president of the United States of America is mainly acknowledged as being the main contributor to the demise of the hat in everyday wear?

4)What type of hat did Abraham Lincoln wear?

5)What does Paddington bear keep in his hat?

6)Which type of van that is still commonly used today was designed initially to transport headwear

7)What type of hat does Sherlock Holmes wear?

8)What were the straw hat riots caused by?

9)What year was the straw hat riots?

10)Who designed the iconic hat that princess Beatrice wore to Kate and Williams royal wedding?

11)What type of hat is the French word for bell?

12)What type of hat is typically associated with Morocco?

13)What is the American name for a bowler hat?

14)Where are Panama hats made?

15)Whose famous hat had its own Twitter account in 2014?

16)What is the name of the queens in house milliner and dresser?

17)Which continent do coolie hats originate from?

18)What are pregnant women allowed to do by law with a policeman’s helmet?

19)Why is Luton Town football team nicknamed ‘The Hatters’?

20)With traditional etiquette why do women tilt their hat or wear their fascinator to the right?



How did you find that? Easy, difficult, hard? Itching and intrigued to know the answers?

Answers can be found under the picture.

hat trivia quiz


1)Mercury poisoning, mercury used to be used in the production of hats


3) John F Kennedy


5)Marmalade sandwiches

6) Luton Van

7) Deer stalker

8) in New your city by people wearing hats beyond the 15th September where after it was seen as social unacceptable to wear a straw hat.


10) Philip Treacy

11) Cloche


13) Derby hat

14) Ecuador

15)Pharrell Williams

16) Angela Kelly

17) Asia

18) Urinate in it

19) Luton has a rich hat history, and is know as the home of hats in the UK

20) Because when gentlemen used to carry swords to formal events, they did not want to knock their lady’s hats, when they drew their swords.


I hope that’s added a little fun and knowledge to your day! Take care and stay safe!