Fabulous Farnham Independents Day

Fabulous Farnham is an initiative set up by young and enthusiastic local independent business owners, all with relatively new businesses in town, with a focus to work together and unite other local business owners and managers in Farnham. To share a common interest to make Farnham  busier and an aim to create opportunities that will encourage people to shop locally, because for every £1 you spend locally, 50-70p circulates back into your local community.

Amy Corstin, a Director with Red Mist Leisure, a small Surrey and Hampshire based pub group, and owners of town centre venue The Wheatsheaf Pub and Grill says “Fabulous Farnham is about passionate local business owners and managers who want to work with like-minded people, creating a united presence and making sure we take full advantage of the resources around us. There is no catch, no joining fee, we are volunteers that just want to be able to talk to our neighbours and make informed decisions together on matters that involve and relate to all of us. Whether that is working with Farnham Town Council in advertising what we as a town have to offer, or being involved in local events and sponsorship the main agenda is to ensure that we fulfil Farnham’s potential to be the ‘go to’ town for every shopper.”

Fabulous Farnham officially launched on Saturday 4th July – Retailers Independents Day; a national campaign aiming to promote and celebrate independent businesses. They went out on foot to introduce themselves, and hand out purple ‘Fabulous Farnham’ balloons to town centre businesses. All were asked to tie the balloons to their shops on this day to firstly demonstrate a shared passion and desire to have a successful business in Farnham, and secondly to create awareness that Farnham retailers have a voice and want to work together.

“We felt that the name ‘Fabulous Farnham’ helps demonstrate the quality and welcome customers will receive” says Henry Threadingham, owner of Lizard menswear shop on Downing Street. “We were overwhelmed by the positive reaction from everyone we approached, and seeing so many balloons flooding the centre of Farnham on Saturday 4th July was so encouraging and goes to show that so many share in our purpose.”

Fabulous Farnham hopes that with the support of others, they can work to ensure that money stays in local communities, allowing the independent boutiques more opportunity to prosper alongside a range of diverse high street shops, rather than becoming a clone town. “There are so many great specialist business to be found in Farnham” says Beverley Edmondson, a bespoke Milliner and owner of Beverley Edmondson Millinery on West Street. “From boutique hat and clothes shops, restaurants or jewellers, we want to encourage people to come and ‘Find their Farnham’!

If you would like more information or a chance to attend the next meeting you can email info@fabulousfarnham.co.uk .You can also join them on facebook Farnham Retailers – Fabulous Farnham or follow them on twitter @fabulousfarnham

Beverley is pleased to be one of the founding members of ‘Fabulous Farnham’ and is looking forward to more projects coming up over the coming months and years.

Here are some images from our first campaign to show community in Farnham and the breadth of skills and products that businesses in Farnham have to offer with our balloon takeover around Farnham!


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