Do I suit a hat?

“I don’t have the face for a hat!”

There are those of us for whom individuality and style are simply second nature.  Some women seem able to throw together an outfit at a moment’s notice, and step out into the street, looking a million dollars. These women know the benefit of wearing a hat and understand how a well put together outfit can really turn heads. However, for most women, hats aren’t something to be worn every  day, but are strictly reserved for special occasions such as a wedding or a day at the races.

Unless you’re used to a hat, know what suits you and are confident when wearing one, a trip to the hat shop can be somewhat nerve wracking.  Here at Beverley Edmondson we want to offer our clients the best experience for those who believe they cant’t wear a hat, or simply don’t know where to start, make the most of our  specialist knowledge and allow us to to give advice and support, as well as an honest opinion.

If we had a pound for the number of times we’ve heard the phrase “I don’t have the face for a hat”, we’d be happily settled in Hollywood, designing bespoke, one-off pieces for celebrities. But here at Beverley Edmondson, that saying is just code for someone who really means to say: “I have no idea what suits me and I’m incredibly uncomfortable”.

The truth of the matter is, there’s a hat style for everyoneWomen in hats - Beverley Edmondson handmade hatse and a good place to start is by sampling a number of hats in different shapes and styles.  Beverley Edmondson can tell you whether a hat suits you, but you need to understand for yourself why one particular hat will work over another.  The more hats that you try on, the more hats you have to compare your style against and you will grow to understand why a certain shape or style is better for you.

Once you have selected the best hat for you, you should ensure that you’re wearing the hat correctly! Again, if Beverley Edmondson had a pound for every time we saw somebody wearing or trying on a hat incorrectly, we’d be tanning on a beach in Mauritius in vintage bowlers.

But in our experience, this doubt is because women tend to stick a hat on their head, slump their shoulders and declare “it doesn’t suit me”! It’s amazing how by simply pulling your shoulders back, lifting your head, adding a smile and positioning the hat correctly, at the right angle, you can transform a hat so that all of a sudden look it looks great. This is because you’ve given the hat the opportunity to look great! Understand the trick with wearing a hat is that you should wear it, not let it wear you and as Beverley Edmondson says ‘if you wear a hat with your head held high, feeling great, you truly will look a million dollars.’

Many things contribute to looking good in a hat, least of all a women’s face. Height, body shape and the outfit you want to wear a hat with, all contribute to choosing the right style of hat for you. Your skin tone and hair colour also have a great deal to play in choice so don’t be afraid to experiment with colour – there’s nothing worse than someone with pale skin and hair opting for a neutral coloured hat, simply to play it safe! If your wearing a hat your wearing a hat so why shy away from it! Most importantly, however, is a women’s personality and attitude.  Feel comfortable in a hat that reflects your personality and you will look great, always.

However, we find certain loose rules do help. Beverley Edmondson advises that every woman ensures the brim of her hat is not wider than her shoulders, and those that find they be vertically challenged, select a shape that will lift upwards. However, saying this, Beverley Edmondson also believes that all of the rules in hat wearing can be broken should a woman wear a hat with confidence and conviction.

So if you’re the mother of the bride or a guest at a wedding, don’t forget that the bride should be the focus of attention ! Do choose a hat which is stylish and compliments your outfit, and makes you feel amazing!

Beverley Edmondson is a leading bespoke, handmade hat millinery based in Farnham, Surrey that specialises in Mother of the Bride, Ascot, Hatinators, Fascinators, Grand National and occasion wear. For all your hat needs contact us on (0)1252 715039 or book an appointment today to visit our boutique.

Contact us today for all your hat needs. We can’t wait to help you find the hat that does suit your face!

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