Didn’t we have a lovely time in our bespoke hats?

Today at Beverley Edmondson, we wanted to share some photos of our Mad Hatter’s Drinks Party with you.

We love a party and the Mad Hatter’s Drinks Party was no exception as you can see! The turnout was great and everyone joined in the spirit of the party with many wearing their favourite bespoke hat with Erica Melargo, our beautiful model, turning up and adding yet more glamour to the evening.

Women in hats - Beverley Edmondson Farnham Fashion

Beverley Edmondson with Lauren Gulwell, Lois Banks, Emily Jenkins and Beverley’s assistant Charlotte Martin


Family in hats - Beverley Edmondson Fashion Farnham

Designers family – Beverley with her mum Jayne, dad Chris, gran Valerie and sister Lara

Men in top hats - Beverley Edmondson Bespoke hats

Doug Simpson (Hatter at Ascot Top Hats) and friend Paul Earler

Women in hats - Beverley Edmondson Farnham

Beverley and Erica Melargo; one of the wonderful models in the latest Beverley Edmondson video & shoot

Women in handmade hats - Beverley Edmondson Millinery

Clients Camilla Wonnacott, Christine Hale & Wendy Mckenzie

Women in hats - Beverley Edmondson Bespoke hats

Beverley with client Kate Tijou

Beverley Edmondson would like to thank everyone who attended and/or supported the parties charitable cause, Chase Shooting Star, for which the event raised over £1,700.

For any queries on the above please call (0) 1252715039 or ask in store.  Beverley Edmondson is a leading bespoke hat designer based in the Georgian town of Farnham, Surrey. Her fashion hat millinery boutique caters to a wide variety of clientele for various occasions such as Mother of the bride, photoshoots, The Grand national etc. For all your hatinator needs contact Beverley Edmondson today and let us find the right hat for you!