Charlotte’s New Adventures…

So you might have heard that I will soon be leaving the Beverley Edmondson team after nearly 4 amazing years for new adventures. This is mainly happening, quite simply, because I live in Somerset. For the last year of my time with Beverley, I have been travelling to continue working here due to struggling to find something at home that I would be willing to leave this job for.

I started in November 2012, as a Christmas Temp! Having recently started the Textiles for Fashion and Interiors degree at UCA, my plan was to find just a bog standard retail job in order to keep me going financially through my studies. So although this was only a temporary position, it would bide me some time at least!

Very quickly I realised this was no bog standard retail job, and in fact, I had found myself a job that I would be proud to have as a graduate, let alone a student!! After the Christmas period was over, Beverley and I decided this was something that was working out very well for both of us, and that I would continue as a permanent member of staff and became ‘the Saturday girl’. As I had become a fully-fledged member of the team, I then got the opportunity to become more involved, learning some basic millinery skills in order to help with the making side of things as well as the retail. Obviously, as a creative person with a love of fashion and textiles, I was in my element, and it was the perfect place to be working alongside my degree.
It was unlike any other retail job I’d ever had, not just because it was in a hat shop, and we create bespoke pieces etc. But because it is such a small team, despite only being a Saturday girl, you weren’t just another employee, what you do to help is appreciated and makes a difference, and because of that I wanted to help as much as I could!

The more time went on the more I learned, and the more confident I became in my own abilities. Helping people try pieces on, advising on colours and shapes to complete a customer’s outfit, designing bespoke orders with them, as well as picking up more and more about how to make them, giving me even more knowledge to put towards helping customers. Obviously this all comes with your normal retail stuff – general housekeeping, cashing up, re-arranging displays etc… But when you love your job, those things come easily anyway, don’t they!?
Beverley and the rest of the team, were so supportive and understanding throughout the duration of my degree. I really believe my job here helped me find my niche within textiles, so much so that I created a collection of hand woven scarves and fabric covered cocktail hats for my graduate collection which I definitely wouldn’t have been able to do without Beverley’s help and guidance! (Nor would I have been able to create some slightly more challenging headwear such as the piece below!!)


After finishing university, it was always my plan to move back to Somerset in order to start my own business as well as work part time in to help fund a start-up business. There was nothing at home, in terms of part time jobs that were going to fill the boots of this one and so I decided I would travel to do 3-4 days here and the rest at home with my own work. More days meant moving in to a bigger role within the business, taking on the social media and website work as well as the sales. This was something I’d not really done before, especially on this scale. We touched upon social media etc. towards the end of the degree, with an online presence being a requirement to pass the course, but obviously this was a different level. I love a challenge and therefore agreed to take on the task, and learn as much as I could, until it quickly became a regular part of my role, and something I’m now solely responsible for, making sure there are regular, and relevant posts on our social media as well as blogging and creating a plan. Yet another string to my bow (as my mum would say) thanks to working at Beverley Edmondson Millinery.

I will be very sad to say goodbye to this place, and the team for good, I couldn’t tell you how much I’ve actually learnt working here, and so much of it I can and will take with me in future jobs and for my own business. The experience has been priceless, whoever gets to start a new adventure here with the team, you’re in for a treat! Wishing the future me, and everyone else in the team the best of luck in the future. I look forward to watching the company continue to grow.
Lastly I just want to say a massive thank you to Beverley, Jayne and Ali for making the last 4 years so much fun, and for everything you’ve all taught me!

Charlotte x