Behind the scenes at Beverley Edmondson Millinery

A couple of weeks ago, the incredibly talented Pedro Portela of Pedro Portela Wedding photography and videography came to visit me to create a short film to showcase Beverley Edmondson Millinery behind the scenes. He filmed us in the boutique and in the studio, showing how we work and how we love to give confidence to women.

I’m not a natural in front of the camera, in fact, it usually something I would shy away from. As soon as a camera is on I just turn awkward! However Pedro’s quiet confidence in his work and calm demeanour immediately put me at ease, asking me questions about what we do, so I just spoke about what I know.

When I first saw this video I couldn’t quite believe how he’d managed to cut and piece together my incoherent and unplanned sentences and made me sound so knowledgeable! (I know I am knowledgeable on hats and millinery but most of the time feel that I can’t express what I know very well under pressure)

My family were equally surprised at how well I came across on this film. Of course I can pick holes in myself, but overall Pedro worked his magic to make this film relevant and informative, but also real. I hope that this short film inspires you to come and visit us in our informal surroundings, working with real women every day.

I would thoroughly recommend Pedro for anyone looking for commercial videography or wedding videography, even those who don’t feel natural in front of a camera like myself. Pedro is a professional who really knows how to work to bring out the best of the natural you on film.

Thanks Pedro! Your trilby will be on its way to you shortly!

Love Beverley x